When you were in grade school, do you remember making a card in class for your mom for Mother’s Day? I distinctly remember mine, because it was a simple cut out card that, when opened, spelled out “WOW MOM” (which is technically called an ambigram, A word or phrase that, when turned upside down, spells out another word.) For our next contest, we are giving away something just as special, but a little more age-appropriate: first, a trip to Wendover on the Fun Bus, plus we are throwing in an extra Surprise Prize to sweeten the Grand Prize Package.


All you have to do is have a Facebook page, and if you haven’t already done so, you have to “Like” our Facebook page at:


The contest is at or near the top of the page, entitled “NEW CONTEST FOR MOTHERS DAY!!!!” Now, to enter, simply post a comment on the contest page (are any post thereafter which mentions entering the Mother’s Day contest) using the following sentence, filling in the blanks: “My mom is __________ because __________.” For example, if I could enter the contest, my entry would say something like, “My mom is the best in the world because she has always supported me, rain or shine.” The only hard part is that your entry has to be 20 words or less. We want you to think of and sum up what makes your mom so special in just one short sentence. Then, on May 15, all eligible and valid entries will be put into a drawing for the Grand Prize Package, and will be notified the next day, on May 16.

Ready to enter? Here is a direct link to the contest on our Facebook page:


And don’t worry if you do not live in Utah, or if you are under 21 or don’t gamble. If this is the case and you are the winner of our drawing, we will simply make the Surprise Prize bigger & better, and worth as much or more than the original Grand Prize Package!