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We all know there are things we can do to help conserve energy and preserve the environment. Earth Day is observed today, but It is on the calendar to remind us to establish these habits and be conscious of our actions every day, not just one day a year!

One thing you can do that isn’t mentioned as often as things like turning off the water when you’re brushing your teeth and unplugging electronics when they’re
not in use, is to seek out eco-friendly fashion. There are so many companies and brands out there that aim to make clothing that has less of an impact on the environment by using sustainable fabrics and materials and employing innovative manufacturing processes, among other practices that make less of a carbon footprint. Some also partner with artisans in some of the poorest communities by using their skills, such as weaving, and provide them with a fair income in exchange for their craftsmanship.

I am going to list just a handful of these companies with brief descriptions of what they’re doing to make their company eco-friendly. There are hundreds more of these brands and retailers that fall into the “green” category, but I chose to feature just a few, all of which I have heard about or read about in magazines, the ones that kept popping up in my searches.

<a href="https://LOOMSTATE – One of the original eco-conscious fashion retailers, they have been using certified organic cotton for thei T-shirts and jeans since 2004. They use sustainable fabrics such as tencel and manufacturing practices that save water and eliminate waste. They also recently launched their Loomstate-321 line, which includes items designed to be worn up to five different ways. This is not only great for the consumer, who saves money with these pieces by getting more mileage out of their versatility, but it also reduces waste.

PEOPLE TREE – Look no further than this UK-based retailer for environmentally-friendly, yet fashion-forward clothes for men, women, and children, the majority of which are organic and fair trade certified. The company has also pioneered new production methods that have less of an environmental impact than traditional methods.

CARRIE PARRY – Awarded the Ethical Fashion Forum’s 2011 Innovation USA Award for her feminine and timeless clothing line that not only focuses on beauty, but also sustainability and social responsibility. She uses environmentally-conscious fabrics like organic wool and recycled polyester, and also helps support artisans in poorer communities around the globe by purchasing their handwoven wools, allowing them to earn a decent income.

EDUN – You have likely heard of this brand because it was founded by U2’s Bono and his wife Ali Hewson. They originally launched the label to incite positive changes in Africa by using fair trade-based practices. Hewson noted that, with the launch Of their clothing line, she wanted to prove that it’s possible to “make a for-profit business where everybody in the chain is treated well.” Their denim line had already gained a big following, and then they partnered with Diesel jeans to create the DIESEL+EDUN collection, which is entirely manufactured in Africa and features looks inspired by African culture.

Some mainstream brands have also leaned toward becoming more “green.” H&M began manufacturing their Conscious Collection in 2012, and on April 10 of this year debuted their third annual sustainable fashion collection, now called it’s Conscious Exclusive Collection. The latest pieces feature gorgeous details like find embroidery and embellishments. few years ago, and just introduced the newest pieces, which feature gorgeous details like embroidery and embellishments, yet remain quite affordable for the average woman. Another brand that houses a collection that focuses on more ethical practices is ASOS. Despite being one of the top online retailers, they launched their Green Room Collection in 2010, focusing on using sustainable and organic fabrics, fair trade practices and environmentally-sound manufacturing methods. The line’s popularity has grown greatly in the past couple of years, so it should be around for a while.