A couple weeks ago, I posted a blog about the latest trends in the world of handbags, while pointing out a few of our Donna Bella Designs handbags that fall into those categories. It got me thinking about who or what determines each seasons “ins” and “outs,” as well as what influences how long these trends stick around. I know the big-name designers, and what they put down their runways at their fashion shows influences trends and the styles that ultimately end up in stores, but consumers also play a big role, because we are the people buying the stuff, and if things aren’t being sold, then nobody is making money (which is always the bottom-line, right?)


Since the fashion items on these lists change so often, when bloggers and other fashion experts start naming the trends you should wear each season, while I do take note of what their opinions are, I don’t just go out and buy everything that seems to be “in style” at any given moment or season. That would go against My Golden Rule of Fashion, which is to wear whatever makes you happy and confident, while periodically taking a few steps out of your clothing comfort zone to try something new (rather than just following the trends). I suppose we all have to follow them to some degree because those are the items that end up in stores (unless of course you are one of those fashion geniuses that can put together cheap and chic outfits at Goodwill, which makes me extremely jealous because I would save a lot of money!) Even if I was the type to allow trends to greatly affect what ultimately ends up in my closet, it would still be impossible for me to just go out and buy every “of-the-moment” item! Trends aren’t always one-size-fits-all, because I can’t think of anyone who could pull them all off while still feeling confident looking great (but if you feel you can, cheers to you!) Consider the peplum trend, which I avoided like the plague forever, until I tried on a few tops and actually found one that looked cute (though I still didn’t buy it). The style just was not made for my proportions. And don’t even get me started on super-skinny jeans, because I can’t even get those on!

So even though I don’t follow fashion trends to a T, I find it incredibly interesting to read about them, watch as they get popular, then see how long it takes for them to either disappear completely or evolve…and sometimes devolve. Like when low-rise jeans first became popular, they were around for quite a while as the denim detail to look for (and still show up in denim collections these days.) But then I began seeing jeans with lower and lower rises (and shorter and shorter zippers!) A lot of us bought into the trend, and found ourselves upgrading our grooming habits, struggling to find underwear that actually stayed under the pants, or just skipped that part completely. I was one of those people that just decided to rock the peekaboo panty look. Not cool!


Another fashion topic that sparks my curiosity, while also being quite perplexing, is all of that mumbo-jumbo about what NOT to wear and lists of trends that “must go.” Often times fashion trends are simultaneously being called “in” and “out,” further solidifying my desire to let the things that I like and feel confident in – rather than letting others’ ideas of what I should be wearing – take over my wardrobe. It is also amusing to look at Glamour magazine, which lists fashion and beauty “Do’s ” and “Dont’s” throughout its magazine. Rather than naming what is in style and what is not, these generally focus on currently popular looks and items and the ways they either work or DON’T work (and they go even further by placing a black bar over the face of each fashion faux pas offender).


As I mentioned before, all of this talk about trends catches my attention so much that I have decided to highlight just one category of fashion and name what I have found to be the top looks for spring and summer. Since we all own a pair or 20, and they are my personal favorite shop for (besides handbags), I chose to feature JEANS. I really have no idea how fashion magazines and the like can come up with lists of the top fashion trends each season in every category of fashion, because narrowing down my list of trends in denim was hard enough, and considering the fact that I was only able to narrow it down to 20, I am going to do a series of 4 blogs on denim trends because, like magic, they all seemed to fall into one of 4 categories. At the same time, on our Tumblr. blog, I will be breaking down some great denim outfits and suggesting pieces, including Donna Bella handbags of course, that you can buy to create similar looks for yourself. Each will feature my fashion crush of the moment, actress and former Dancing With the Stars Pro Julianne Hough, who it seems is rarely photographed wearing something other than jeans! I hope you enjoy this venture, and I would love for you to post your comments and join the conversation about these two fashion mainstays that are, at least to me, the most fun to shop for: jeans and handbags!